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Small team. Big ideas. 💡

We have a background in building developer tools that have been downloaded millions of times, on hundreds of thousands of servers, used by tens of thousands of developers, in thousands of companies. But our motivation wasn’t adding more “Fortune 100” logos to some slide deck. It was helping people Get Stuff Done™. After all, developers are just people who make things for other people. So now we are refining our focus.

Company Leadership

Caleb Hailey

Co-Founder, Product

Caleb is a 15-year veteran student of the technology industry, during which time he has raised over $15M in venture capital and piloted his first tech startup to a successful exit (acquisition). Before Co-Founding Herd Works, Caleb was a Senior Director of Product at Sumo Logic, Co-Founder and CEO at Sensu Inc (acquired by Sumo Logic), Partner & President at Heavy Water Operations LLC, and Director Product Development at Novitas Data.

Brooke Hailey

Co-Founder, Marketing

Brooke is a 15-year veteran of the retail industry. Over half of her career was spent on a successful entrepreneurial stint bootstrapping a family-owned children’s clothing boutique in which she held such roles as buyer, merchandiser, event marketer, and manager. Before Co-Founding Herd Works, Brooke was most recently a Personal Stylist at Nordstrom, and Manager at Spoiled Rotten.